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part of remediating any unfaithful relationship is to come clean. a couple of weeks earlier, i returned to pearl to meet up with a couple of friends. while there, we came up with the bright idea of trying every apertif on the top shelf.  enter lillet blanc, a sultry blend of white wine and citrus liqueurs.  formulated by a monk, but brought to life by james bond in casino royale as a vesper, this drink almost made me forget about fernet.  simply served over ice with a slice of orange, this drink was so easy, so smooth, so accessible–the opposite of everything i loved about fernet.  i was hooked and started only ordering lillet when i went out…it appeared that the fernet era had to come to an end.  the pivotal moment finally arrived a few days before union, at a fundraiser gala.  due to a strange course of events, the bartender started serving me lillet in a children’s sippy cup.  four or so sippies later, i had a killer excederin-esque headache and realized the error of my ways; this glorious affair had come to an end.  fast forward to a birthday dinner at union, yet another ethan stowell establishment.   our party decided to grab a pre-dinner drink and i was faced with a choice at the bar: lillet or fernet?  out of habit, i ordered lillet, and the icy sweetness quickly reminded me of the never-ending brainsore i had endured the weekend before.  they say there’s no pleasure without pain, and i quickly switched back over to my tried and true during the meal.  i ended up learning a valuable lesson that night at union: while there is still a place in my drink repertoire for lillet, i’ve got the #1 spot reserved for fernet, which is a little rough around the edges, but will never hurt me.


a toast to #1