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since i’ve been out of the punkrock scene for over a decade (hello corporate world), DIY punk is something i haven’t witnessed for quite some time…the denim jackets strewn together with hoodies, sewn-on patches and faux leopard print, dreads, studs, spikes, and piercings.   after getting off a rather lengthy flight from the left coast to the ATL, my friend obliged me with a drink at a local hipster hangout in poncey highland, appropriately named ‘the local’.  as we walked past a car parked in the lot with a NOFX sticker prominently displayed on the trunk, i could tell this place was special.  from the street, this joint looked more like a country ranch than a trendy hangout, but the minute we walked in, i could sense the tight pants and low-lit dive bar hipster essence that was contained within.  never in a hundred years would i have guessed this place would have fernet, but when the crust punk bartender poured my drink, and ‘dont call me white‘ started blaring on the jukebox, i knew that this was going to be a trip to the dirty that i wouldnt soon forget…

true southern value