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10 years after hanging up my bomber jacket, my friend informed me that my 48-hour trip to hotlanta just happened to coincide with the ska is dead tour. i could barely contain myself; the prospect of seeing the toasters again, headlining with the likes of voodoo glow skulls, mustard plug, and more than a handful of other bands — it was like the buttercream icing to top my red velvet cake of a trip. less than 24 hours after scaling the famed sign of the clermont lounge (fernet gives you wiiings!), i strapped on my steel toe 10 eyes and we b-lined it to the bookhouse pub for a pre-show bite.  living up to its name, this literary-themed gastropub is but a brief jaunt from the afore mentioned clermont, and across the street from murder kroger.  as if that wasn’t enough, bookhouse’s chef julia leroy has received numerous top honours for her efforts in promoting local, sustainable comfort cuisine.  after my zealous ordering spree, it was just a short skip away from the show being held at the masquerade – a venue i haven’t graced since the 1998 ska against racism tour.  we arrived right before the voodoo glow skulls went on stage, and i even got some complimentary words from frank casillas later that evening.  i almost jumped out of my skin when when mustard plug covered “waiting room”, and skanked my heart out on stage when the toasters played “weekend in la”.  it was a night 10 years in the making, and one thing’s for certain – i’m 2 tone for eternity.

"back at the pub, where i came from..." -ebf