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if you know me, you also know that i hardly ever head to the south end of seattle (the only exceptions being jury duty or when i get i hankering for those little meatballs at ikea). however, after an awkward episode of a near-stranger airing out my dirty laundry over dinner, i was in desperate need of a drink and came upon a little oasis of civilization in rainier valley.  while this neighborhood has a reputation for kevlar and gangbangers, nestled within it is the historic district of columbia city.  due to rapid gentrification, columbia city has burgeoned into one of the hippest neighborhoods in seattle, even gaining a nod from the new york times.  not being familiar with this area, we headed into the bar within closest proximity of our parking spot, lottie’s lounge.  i was prepared to herd our group to the next establishment when i didnt see my beloved green bottle at the bar, but at least had the foresight to ask the bartender.  i ended up buying the first round, and our five drinks only set me back $25.  so whats the moral of this story, you ask?  1) ask a hipster, and you shall receive fernet, 2) without risk of getting mugged, shot, or otherwise accosted in rainier valley, there is no reward of a really cheap bar tab.

south end salvation

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