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after multiple recommendations from multiple bartenders at barrio and beyond, i decided to organize an outing to seattle’s mecca of mixology.  a recipient of multiple accolades from the likes of bon apetit, food & wine, and playboy.com, zig zag cafe is nestled discretely between pike place and the seattle waterfront.  i can’t rant about the usual bedside manner of the bartender since our party couldn’t be accommodated at the bar, but we managed to relay our requests via the waitress for “something with fernet”.  the first couple of concoctions weren’t anything to write home about, but the coup de grâce arrived shortly after.  frothy and tasting much like a whipped desert, the fernet flip (affectionally nicknamed  the “boxer dropper” and “fernet milkshake fantasy”) maintained the distinct taste of fernet; meanwhile, some port, a whole raw egg (thank god i didn’t know this before drinking/loving it) and a dash of nutmeg added the perfect touch of milkshake-esque creaminess.  i’m still licking my lips just thinking about it.

fmf or boxer dropper? you decide.