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after weeks of anticipation leading up to an evening of xanadu-themed gay roller skating, plans fell through.  rolling with the punches, peachy and i decided to go for door #2 and grab a bite to eat before catching a documentary on gogol bordello, gypsy punks extraordinaire.  in searching the map for proximity to the theatre, we came upon oddfellows, a tried and true establishment of the same proprietor as linda’s and numerous other bars around town.  the gastronomical fare presented here conjures memories of parisian cafes – simple but tasty baguettes with jambon, brie and pears, but also presents an american comfort food dichotomy of pork chops and rotisserie chicken.  perhaps my greatest draw here is the memory of bumping into someone that always makes me smile and my heart flutter during chance meetings around seattle…feelings like that simply can’t be planned for.

fernet with a taste of france