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after a month of trying to plan an evening out with coworkers, the time had finally come to make good on the promise.  all the stars were aligned, for i had been eagerly awaiting duck fat frites, and one of my partners in crime just happened to live on the ridge.  when the clock struck six, we evacuated our cubicle commune and made a b-line for oliver’s twist. i presented our bartender an option of serving me my usual fernet and coke or lillet blanc.  he just laughed, mumbled “fortified wine”, and handed me some fernet.  +1 point.  as far as bar food goes, this joint exceeded expectations, and while the duck fat frites lived up to the hype, the tomato cappuccino/grilled cheese ended up taking center stage.  when all was said and done (aka a couple of drinks later), there was no better time to partake in some physical fitness.  i bet that even the president’s challenge would never have guessed that fernet-induced rollerblading = excellent.

this way to the gun/fernet show