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the last time i was at triple door, it was to see dita von teese sponge off in a huge martini glass (worth every penny).  this time, an acquaintance’s birthday brought us back to the musiquarium lounge out front – a fusion of bar, wild ginger apps, and live music.  upon entering, a horridly loud muzak band was playing, like nails on a chalkboard. near the entryway, a hooker straddled a businessman on the front couch. the rest of the bar crowd seemed old and uninteresting.  to dull the pain, i ordered a fernet and coke, but the strong pour just seemed to make everything more intense.  as though things couldn’t get worse, one of the party patrons was a creepy older man who felt entitled to taste everyone’s drink, gloat about his army background, and grope at a poor girl’s shirt while attempting to uncover her tattoo.  it was an evening of epic fail proportions.

muzac for the middle-aged masses