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people are often surprised to find out that i’ve never seen a tattoo being inked.  sure, i’ve got a few, but i’m not one to watch blood being drawn out of my arm either.  if i can’t see it, it’s not really happening – the pain isn’t real…denial to the nth degree.  given this, you can imagine my excitement when i finally had the prospect of watching my friend get her new piece (RIP little lizard).  we ditched work early and headed over to our mutual tattoo shop in ballard (with a short but profound stop at virace pizza).  however, the tattoo gods were not looking kindly upon us and the session had a last minute reschedule (to make a long story short, this involved numerous phone calls, a policeman, a broken light switch, and saviour pizza).  after assuring that all was quiet on the western/ballard front, i had some extra time on my hands…so i decide to do an easy, breezy drop-in at toulouse in lower queen anne.  it was never more evident than that night that thursday really is the new friday, for the bar was packed to the brim.  luckily, it pays to repay favours, for i had a tasty toronto within minutes of arrival.  a short visit and hemline later, i was well on my way home, with a smile on my face.

't' is for tasty

't' is for tasty, toronto, toulouse