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back in december when i booked my trip to napa, i had no idea just how much i would need it when the occasion finally arrived.  after coming off of what i now realize to be the demise of a loosely-termed “relationship”, the prospect of whisking away to a microcosm of wine and california cuisine provided a light at the end of the tunnel — 72 hours of michelin-starred gluttony.  our first dining destination was la toque, which may have 2 less stars than the french laundry, but won on taste and service imho.  now, i know some may scoff at the fact that i didn’t order a glass of wine with dinner, but this blog isn’t titled “vino love”, so of course i ordered a fernet and coke.  i’m often faced with the dilemma of no fernet, but never have i come across a situation where coke wasn’t available.  i took a sip, and could immediately tasted the inferiority of pepsi.  it may simply be my southern girl roots, but for the second time in my life, i picked coke in the pepsi challenge.

coke: 2, pepsi: 0