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it’s not often that i get to experience something completely new and unexpected.  i’m always looking for my next big thrill, and knee high stocking co. definitely delivered.  i booked a reservation for this capitol hill speakeasy via text message (how nouveau), and upon arrival at its nondescript entrance, i rang the doorbell and was greeted by a furtive “how can i help you?”  after verifying my credentials, i was led back to a small, private lounge while i awaited my guests.  due to the floorplan, the bartender was sight unseen (which is not usually how i like to conduct business), but i ordered “something with fernet” anyway.  a conventional toronto was delivered, and just when i had started to loose hope of being *wowed*, the bartender provided a personalized visit to our little dwelling. after some chit chat, the topic of “fernet and slaps” randomly arose (it’s hard to trace the origin of a conversation after a whiskey-based cocktail). the waitress came around shortly after to inquire about our second round of drinks, and after i jokingly ordered “fernet and slaps”, the bartender came rushing in with two shots of fernet.  i was a bit taken aback when he directed me to stand up and slap him in the face, but after removing my versace heels, i was ready for a good face-off.  the evening escalated from there, with the climax occurring at the receipt of my ensuing cocktail, the “p&p”: a mind-blowing mix of fernet, pimm’s (love!), and other magical pimm’s cup-esque lemony-ness.  by far, the best cocktail i’ve ever had in seattle, and dare i say, perhaps ever.

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