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riding on the coattails of previous success, i decided to check out the fourth and final ethan stowell chapter in seattle.  i’ll admit that i came in with high hopes, but as i do in relationships, instead set myself up for disappointment.  it was never more apparent then at tavolàta that there is an elementary formula in stowell’s restaurants: the pillar candle, oblong menu, and carbon-copy fare.  something can be said of comfort with the familiar, but tavolàta stepped one toe over the line into mundane.  nothing was horribly wrong, but i can’t say anything was fanatically right either.  we might have had the best seat in the house (away from the communal table, aside the kitchen), but it felt like i was just going through the motions when it came down to the dining experience.  it’s like meeting someone new, who under normal circumstances would be full of prospect, but based on your past history with others, you write them off.  maybe if i had met tavolàta earlier, things would have worked out.  as with any relationship on its last leg, you have a great moment here and there, but sometimes it’s best to just remember the good times and move on.

history repeats itself