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rewind to april 2006: on the sunset of an ailing relationship, i booked two tickets to see the moisture festival burlesque show; neither of the tickets were for my ex.   every year since then, it’s become somewhat of a tradition to make the pilgrimage to this annual spectacle of tease, titillation, and topless-ness. 2010 was no exception, and i rounded up a specialist crew of burlesque-viewing aficionados to make the voyage with me.  first stop: food and drinks at cantinetta.  located just hopscotch lengths away from the wallingford hideout of agent peachy lefevre, this neighborhood pasteria dishes out handmade noodles and other tuscan delights in the ex-storefront of a 1920’s dentist’s office.   i’m a sucker for clams in white wine (or anything braised in booze for that matter), so i ordered the tagliatelle, and it reigned supreme on all fronts of my culinary critique. i must also confess that i’d been on a fernet hiatus for a couple of weeks (after an episode involving my own topless night drunk on a friend’s bathroom floor), but since the bar didn’t carry pimm’s, it was time to get back in the fernet saddle.  giddy up, because this wasn’t the last time i was going to see fernet that night.

the makings of a good night: tagliatelle & titties