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there are a few things i miss about the south; most notably verandas, sweet tea, and southern gentlemen.  the northwest is plagued with an epidemic of resident cadets who are easily classified on my periodic chart of men by three telltale traits: fleece-clad…possessing fewer dimensions than xerox paper…spineless.  the exceptions, you ask?  probably gay, offshore indian developer, or your run-of-the-mill douchebag.  the salvation of seattle lies in its transplants, and lucky for us, we were escorted this evening by none other than peachy lefevre’s beau.  from marietta to cantinetta to burlesque operetta, he proved to be a most suitable chaperon, and even fended off furries as we made our way through sakura-con en route to still liquor.  housed in a converted 1920’s automotive garage, still liquor exercises a “less is more” approach to interior decor by way of concrete walls, pine bar, and sparse seating.  however, what still lacks in embellishment, they more than make up for with an amply stocked bar and impressive range of accouterments (sliced cucumbers in the garnish tray?  YES!)  as the night wound down and the drinks drained away, i found myself waxing poetic to a married man about the pitfalls of dating in the emerald city.  poor guy probably never saw it coming, but maintained a guise of altruism throughout my alcohol-induced diatribe.  one good deed does indeed deserve another, and he was well rewarded for his efforts with an ever-allusive spot in my facebook 50.

still life