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the french brasserie concept is one that has received a heightened sense of popularity in the culinary scene.  following in the footsteps of nyc giants like balthazar and les halles (oh anthony ♥), what’s old is new, and bastille manages to hold down the fort in seattle.  featuring traditional franco-fare comme duck confit, croque monsieur, et moules frites, this ballard establishment shines especially bright in its presentation of crispy pork belly avec confiture of rhubard poached in rooftop honey, rosé & shallots…meat and fruit never married so beautifully!  however, the problem with a stellar appetizer is the expectations that are broached for the entrée course, and i am sad to report a disappointing showing amongst all the dishes at the table (especially my less than crispy fricassée).  the lackluster feeling  left me wanting more, so in a hail mary attempt, i ordered dessert, and bastille pulled through with mere moments left on the clock, delivering a perfectly prepared pear galette à la mode.  keep up the good fight and vive la révolution.

two out of three ne pas mal