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q: what do you do when you find out that a person you’ve been in love with for over ten years got married last week to someone with your same name and breed of dog?

a: you call your boys and you go DRINKING.

after uncovering some disheartening news in the early afternoon, i suited up for a previously arranged dinner with friends later that day.  we shot straight for the top of queen anne hill to emmer & rye, a relative newcomer on the seattle culinary community.  situated in a hundred year-old victorian house, emmer & rye dishes out seasonal, locavore cuisine with a rustic aesthetic.  i must admit that the food was tasty, and were it not for the spotty service, i’d flock back for more.  what emmer lacked in service, it did however make up for in drink selections (which was mission critical that evening).  in addition to my customary fernet, i also ordered its tasty apertif compadre cynar, an artichoke based bitter.  like its italian counterpart, cynar also mixes wonderfully with coke and readied me for the events that would ensue as the night marched on (to zig zag), including a custom concoction of cynar + fernet, affectionately named “the heartbreak hotel”.

house of heartache