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what better way to get introduced to naked athletics than by running san francisco’s legendary bay to breakers 12k? but let’s first rewind to the saturday before the race, when a couple of unknowing seattleites boarded the plane for a relaxing weekend of sf r&d (racing and dining).  after such relay race events as marathon shopping (including a surprise sale at discount designer mecca jeremy’s), midnight stickering sessions for esperanza atl, and a non-stop stream of calorie consumption (did i eat three dinners in one night?  maybe…), it was time to overcome my usual pre-race nausea and strap up for the race. as we approached the start line, we watched as hoards of costumed fanatics (many wreaking of booze at 7am) descended upon the embarcadero.  when the race kicked off, flying tortillas rained upon us, and legions of naked people ran along-side us.  fast forward 1 hour and 20 minutes later (all the while carefully avoiding brushing any naked old man parts), and we were already looking forward to our next well-deserved designer meal: enter rn74.  established by restaurant mogul michael mina, rn74 is positioned as a wine bar featuring modern interpretations of franco-american fare in a concrete jungle aesthetic.  and despite missing the mark for the 2010 james beard award for best new restaurant, this discerning girl’s palette had no complaints.

fernet in the financial district