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when buxsome burlesque bombshells put out a call for help, i am always eager to oblige.  consider me a new age medici, a patron of the arts. before showing support for sinner saint’s burlesque hall of fame fundraiser (anything to help send our local tarts to vegas), i met up with some of the girls for happy hour at ravish on eastlake.  eastlake has always seemed to me a strange microcosm of randomness caught in between the bustle of university life and the 9 to 5 of downtown– somewhere you pass on the way to getting somewhere else.  however, due to a recent onus on snazzing up the byway, many new eateries and businesses have popped up to cater to the bourgeoisie.  ravish fits the bill, serving up an impressive array of small plates sprung from the proprietors’ catering business of 20 years (meatloaf sliders? fuck yes!)  but enough with the small talk, let’s get down to the cocktails: in addition to passing my test of “how well is your bar stocked?” (fernet?  check!), this place had my vote the minute i saw the lower half of the drink menu titled “how do you like your pimms??”  now that’s what i call foreplay.

fernet & sliders: a wicked pair