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it’s always nice when your friends encourage you to drag out your birthday over a span of days or weeks, even if you just want to pretend the aging ritual never happened.  such was the case that brought us to rob roy on one faithful cocktail thursday.  anyone that knows me knows that i’m a sucker for marketing, and based on boytender referral, as well as the lure of their 70’s-inspired website, i was reeled right into their bar – hook, line, and sinker.  featuring happy hour amenities such as complimentary goldfish crackers (served in nothing less than a fishbowl),  rob roy also boasts a decent showing of spirits, where we sampled brennivín, an icelandic shnapps which is best left for consumption in nordic locales.  their cocktail menu bodes well by citing each drink’s origin, leaving me to feel like i’m drinking a little piece of history.  and if all that wasn’t enough, i received from peachy lefevre what may just be the most original and spectacular birthday gift to date: yours truly as a paper doll, complete with chihuahua son accessory AND a birthday cupcake dressed with a handcrafted mini fernet bottle accountrement.  big things do indeed come in small packages.

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