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through the years, i’ve amassed quite a few things on my bucket list: from skankin’ on stage at the toasters show to riding motorcycles to yoga teacher training…i’ve covered quite a bit of ground to date, but nothing could compare to the whirlwind of activities i took on in the summer months of 2010.  between the season premiere party of mad men, dabbling in editorial modeling, maid of honour duties, and prepping for my big burlesque debut, the common element was costuming, which brought me to the studio of melissa flynn, vintage costumer extraordinaire.  what originated as a 30-minute inventory perusal eventually evolved into a 2-hour no holds barred jihad to retro mecca.  i soon realized that fashion calisthenics can make a girl quite famished, so the next logical stop would require libations and nosh.  a friend’s birthday a few years back first brought me to this gastropub located on the cusp of first hill and capitol hill, and i remember not loving it.  however, there’s nothing like feeling a bit ravenous to give you a new perspective on things.  a croque monsieur and plate of pomme-frites later, i was feeling much more at ease.  such was not the case for my fernet & “coke”, for this establishment only serves jones soda.  don’t get me wrong– i’m all about supporting local business, pure cane cola, and eye-popping packaging, but as discovered in the pepsi challenge, my loyalties lie with the “real thing“.

ghost of colas past