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layover.  the word instills fear in any well-seasoned traveler; the grim prospect of being stuck in between where you were and where you want to be, with nothing more than sub-grade food courts and sundry stores to entertain you.  the wounds are rubbed even more raw when you have a layover during what should be a non-stop flight; such was the case en route to a wedding in orange county that i’d  been anticipating for nearly a decade.  i’ve been scouring the airports of america looking for a tasty fernet during pesky layovers, but until now, have proved unsuccessful.  imagine my surprise when i spotted a bottle proudly displayed at nearly every bar in the san francisco airport (of course)!  and not only does sfo have fernet, their better than standard food court boasts the only dim sum vendor ive seen in a non-asian airport.  ha gow + fernet?  double happiness 囍.

dim sum and then some