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“on the day of the wedding, [the maid of honour’s] principal duty is to provide practical and emotional support.” by some act of a benevolent god, i’ve managed to go 30 years with less than ten weddings attended, and without ever having to take on the responsibilities associated with a bridal party.  however, lightning finally struck and it was go time as maid of honour, starting with a rehearsal dinner at il fornaio.  i’ve hit up the seattle risotteria a few times for lunch, but sadly (as i’m no donald draper) have never had the opportunity to explore what the bar had to offer during the lunch hour.  imagine my surprise when i walk past the bar and see a cartoonishly-oversized bottle of fernet at the service window! while all the other guests were sipping on the catered wine during dinner, i was busy rushing to the bar to feed my need for fernet. the following day, the wedding went off without a hitch, and while there was no fernet, there was happiness, tears, and more importantly, monkey dances set to the sounds of lady gaga.

till death do us part