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this post is dedicated to a special type of friend that we all have; that guy/girl who is your bff ’till the end…well, at least until they get into a relationship and totally fall off the face of the planet.  your once tried and true confidant soon because a weak shell of unanswered phone calls and flakiness, left for dead, only to re-emerge as a blip on the social radar the second the relationship crumbles to dysfunctional ashes.  such was a friend that first brought me years ago to 611, his favourite hangout.  five years, two relationships and one crazy ex-girlfriend facebook catharsis later, i have dolefully, but necessarily, excommunicated said friend from my life. however, 611 supreme was an innocent bystander that deserved a second chance.  thanks to cocktail thursday and a nearby bump & grind class, i once again returned to this house of crêpes and cocktails.  on the upside, this bar was well-stocked with aperitifs and liqueurs, but what this place lacked is something it never claimed to possess: craft bartenders.  while mild-mannered and pleasant. the bartender was more of a ted danson than a mixologist, and heavy-handed instruction was required.  luckily, i’m a girl that knows what she wants (and how to make it), so no harm, no foul, though this may not be the place for your first classic cocktail experience.  but back to the bartender, he remembered my long-lost friend, a 611 regular, and asked, “what ever happened to that guy??”

les crêpes et les apéritifs sont bon amis