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being that i have a lot of platonic friends of the male persuasion, i often get asked, “why don’t you date so-and-so?”  my response: “why don’t you??”  while my relationship with these gents may end at “just friends”, i do try my best to use my womanly wiles and wing-(wo)man when possible.  one of these such occasions took place at the now defunct triangle lounge in fremont.  seething with frat boys and one-liners, this bar was devoid of finesse and craft cocktails (though i did get more action from a girl that my friend was eyeing than he did).   a lot has changed since then, and in 2009, a new bar rose like a phoenix out of the traingle’s ashes.  with a verbose name of 9 million in unmarked bills, the space has been redecorated with a bonnie and clyde theme and basic cocktail menu.  however, it takes more than new wallpaper and tabletops to reinvent a space, and the clientele still smelled of triangle. to worsen what might have been an otherwise mediocre experience, amateur comedy night at 9 mill drove the nail in the coffin.  leave it to our very own danish princess and a most excellent story of swans and iphones to salvage the evening with side-splitting laughter and celialove™.

you can take the frat boy out of the bar, but you cant take the bar out of fremont