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one of the most iconic scenes in cult film history is that of satánico pandemónium’s performance in robert rodriguez’s from dusk till dawn. if that dance didn’t get your blood boiling, then let’s face it, you’re probably dead (xx).  much of the film takes place in a vampire-filled mexican strip joint named “titty twister“, a low-lit but expansive haven of sin “open dusk till dawn”.  upon first setting foot in sodo’s hooverville a couple of years back, there may not have been any snake-clad salma hayak or bloodsucking renegades, but the ceiling-high wall of liquor and seedy lighting definitely fit the bill.  located almost kitty-corner (or should i say “pussy”-corner) from safeco field, hooverville serves as a sports bar to support the rowdy pre-game crowd, but head there on an off-night, and your mind is left to wonder whether quentin tarantino hadn’t just conceived the film’s script here while kicking back a cold one.  i revisited hooverville recently for a dive bar thursday (a special edition to cocktail thursday™), and unfortunately, a recent remodel has brightened up the space and  the antiqued tin ceiling tiles have changed to sleek wood planks, but at least they’re still serving fernet…maybe vampires like it too.

where's salma?