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let’s face it, seattle isn’t the most  friendly of cities… not to say it’s got the mean streets of LA or NY, but people definitely keep to their own.  it takes a lot to break into a new scene, but when it does happen, good times usually follow.  winding down from a sugar orgasm at poppy, i strolled over to sun liquor, a small bar off the beaten path of capitol hill.  i was an hour late meeting a friend (blame the gluttony of ordering three desserts) and thus our crossover time was short.  after finishing my fernet and coke, i waited alone for what seemed like a brief eternity for my check, but some time between point a and point b, a fellow started chatting me up.  my initial knee-jerk reaction was to give him the cold shoulder, but when he asked what i was drinking, all bets were off.  a friend of his soon arrived, and in no time, we were all three comparing notes about the best places to chow down in the city, and wallowing in regret to have never had the chance to dine at elBulli.  soon, another round was ordered and i was caught by surprise that a stranger would buy me a drink (i know it sounds strange, but it never happens).  while one can never be sure of others’ intentions, i took the good vibe from the night and bid adieu to my gracious hosts and set off into the night with a renewed confidence in seattle’s own broken social scene. 

foodie fodor over fernet