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cocktail thursdays don’t usually make their way into dive bars, but with a claim of “most extreme dive in the multiverse” and a minature-themed surprise birthday party in tow, rules are tossed and exceptions are made.  with vintage minatures display case in hand, i entered the grizzled wizard one faithful thursday, where i was greeted by a welcome committee of retro arcade machines (galaxian anyone?) and a more than impressive mural of none other than a massive grizzled wizard. as i approached the bar, i braced myself for fernet obscurity, but was pleasantly surprised by the bartender’s nod. i should have known better, since the bar’s proprietors are none other than two industry blokes who know what’s up. after receiving my drink, i further examined the bar selection, and noticed the house-infused vodkas labeled with d.i.y-style masking tape: lemonhead, gummy worm, swedish fish, “skittel” (a witty play on absolut).  as the night progressed, curiosity finally got the better of me…and a round of flavoured shots was on it’s way. a rainbow row of shot glasses soon appeared (sadly, sans unicorn), and i enlisted two gays and a straight guy to help me out.  how were they?  let’s just say they’re 100% true to their name, but i’ll stick with the fernet.

what do you call a female wizard?