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it’s september 18, 2009, and i’m sitting at my desk, “working from home“. first agenda item of the day: peruse facebook. as with most important news in life, i came across a posting about a limited 2010 pavement reunion show scheduled for central park.  without even considering that i had no idea what i’d be doing in a year, i rushed to ticketmaster to ply for over-priced tickets and a date with stephen malkmus.  fast-forward to september 22, 2010, and i’m stuck on the milwaukee tarmack for a good hour due to rain at laguardia.  that’s right– rain can evidently shut down one of america’s busiest airports.  by the time i get into brooklyn, it’s well past midnight, and im starving (there was no way in hell i was going to eat at mke‘s chili’s to go).  thanks to an insider tip and jet lag in my favour, i drag my friend out of the hotel bed and around the corner to union pool for a drink and late-night tacos.  a quintessential hipster haven, union pool was still going strong on a wednesday night (do hipsters have day jobs?)…and i beelined it to the backyard area customary in many brooklyn haunts.  there awaited a big, shiny taco truck and some of the best chorizo street tacos i’ve ever had.  i’ll have to admit that there were moments in that backyard where i had flashbacks to being the nerd in school that wasn’t cool enough to hang out with the popular kids, but hey, at least i didn’t look as tragic as those crazy hipsters.  well who knows, maybe i’ll be wearing that fashion in 10 years (p.s. i salute you wes from preston, space age hipster, wherever you are…)

the devil wears chorizo