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i have a lot of guy friends and would like to think that i’ve mastered the skill of not just tolerating the “bro-down”, but embracing it.  false.  after spending 24 hours in the city with two college friends, i started feeling like a square peg in a round hole.  i needed a fernet, and in the spirit of trying new places, the opportunity didn’t present itself at any of the brooklyn bars we graced that afternoon.  resorting to champagne instead, i was feeling effervescent by the time we hit the outdoor patio of the richardson that balmy evening.  excited to see a fernet cocktail with something other than whiskey, i opted for a black wing, and was subsequently wowed by the beauty of this layered wonder of ginger beer, fernet, and black strap rum.  tasting as delightful as it looked, a couple of these lovelies closed out the night, but the bubbles prevailed as the morning steamrolled in and i boarded a flight for the dirty in less than top form.

beauty in a black wing