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somewhere in the constitution, im pretty sure that every red-blooded american is entitled to life, liberty, and a memorable 21 run.  mine?  a weekend in vegas that consisted of blackjack, treasures (think whitesnake video vixens), and bouncers not feeling the need to card me.  but i digress, tonight was about my trainer‘s wife and her special night.  we started the evening at umi, and rolls and rolls later, traipsed down the block to amber, the heartbeat of belltown. being that it was halloween weekend, all the ladies were out in their sluttiest, and the douchebags of belltown were out on the prowl. lucky for me, amber offers a very respectable drink selection and served up my fernet and coke standard as i watched what seemed like a discovery channel documentary of white-collar predators hunting their prey. perhaps ben franklin said it best, “the constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. you have to catch it yourself.”

constitutional parchment