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there are those people in the perimeter of your life– the acquaintances you always hear about but never meet…and then there are those you’ve met only a handful of times, but with whom you feel an intense familiarity; this was a night where the two collided.  upon receiving a call from my danish princess friend regarding other visiting royalty, i popped over to the living room in capitol hill for a meet & greet.  a fairly basic bar as far as cocktail standards go, what the living room lacked in refinement it made up for with its homey-ness of local patrons– a modern-day cheers on the hill.  as pours of fernet and old overholt washed over us, i caught up with an old acquaintance and new conversations seemed oddly familiar. a feeling of au courant soon filled the air, but right as i was about to call it a night, in walked the head turner that i’d heard about so many times.  cursory introductions and feigned ignorance ensued, but we soon became the best of friendly strangers and she offered me a literal token of her friendship in the form of a bicycle poker chip. leave it to the cosmos to spice things up, for my previous conversationalist proceeded to unearth a long-lost twin chip from his belongings. born from the same mold but attained through separate means, this was an abstract manifestation of a pocket pair that i’m sure to be dealt again.

reunited and it feels so good