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how often do you get the chance to order your drink by rolling the dice?  i’m not talking watered-down vegas cocktails, but rather well thought-out concoctions crafted to enhance your evening, not drown out the sorrow of a resulting second mortgage.  mistral kitchen has crafted such an experience: the 4 d 6.  with a tagline of “no saving throws, all booze, all chance, always stirred, stiff and served up”, the choice was clear.  after some satisfying selections resulting from the throws of our bartender (gin and citrus come to mind), the balance of power soon shifted and we gained control our own fate.  a velvet bag revealed four large wooden blocks, each emblazoned with pyrography depicting various base spirits and flavour profiles. maybe it was the weight of the dice, the clanging sound they made as they landed onto the glass table, or the feeling of contributing to the creative process, but luck was a lady that night.  as the bartender did the shake, i was getting baked…but the best part was that i helped.

roll the dice