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we’ve all gotten that random text message from an unknown number asking how we’re doing.  for me, it happens more often than i’d like to admit, partially due to the fact that i abide by a minimalist mantra that encourages deletion and detachment whenever possible.  however, i had a hunch on this particular text, but was at a loss regarding what to do about it.  should i reply?  what would i say?  as one friend put it, what would i gain from confirming the originator?  as with all major decisions, i conferred with my expert panel by putting it up to a vote at smith’s in capitol hill.  a friend was having a birthday party there, and in typical elementary school fashion, we raised our hands over mediocre pub fare (though to be fair, i am not one to rave about gastropubs in general or the heavy-handed approach to salt at this particular example).  however, the evening was redeemed with a fairly formidable cocktail menu that was both unintimidating to craft newcomers [think lavender moon], as well old-time favourites [gin rickey #3] to satisfy the classic veterans. and the vote?  6-reply, 1-delete.  despite the numbers, i decided to do nothing, because in the end, i purged the number for a reason, whatever and whoever it might be.

dear john