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an ode to shakespeare and “the good things in life”, cakes and ale serves as the epicenter of decatur’s culinary microcosm.  sight unseen, i made plans to meet up with cohorts for drinks après arrival in the dirty, but as luck would have it, a few friends had to cancel.  this served us well though, since the space seemed snugger than a holocaust hideout. as we walked in, a glass cake pedestal piled high with phatty cakes caught my eye, and like a child seeing a new toy, i fixated on the gingery cookie delights. i took the liberty that comes with being an adult to order dessert first, and our casual evening of drinks soon morphed into a full-on chow-down with the rest of the meal following– spiced olives, gougères, and a savoury tagliatelle bolognese.  things were going well until that awkward moment when the check comes and everyone tries to figure out the math (there should be a college course dedicated solely to the art of splitting a bill), but despite all the calculations, the prices came up steep. 

and here’s where we landed on the final equation:

(big things= taste + $) / (small packages= portion size + venue)

big things come in small pointy packages