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much like skull & bones, there is an unspoken brethren of craft bartenders in seattle.  murray may be the patriarch of the bunch, but evan, miles, and andrew are just some of the other local celebrities that take a seat at the communal table of seattle’s cocktail culture. there are similar bonds within seattle’s sister restaurants, serafina and cicchetti being one such example.  as we dove into the happy hour menu, rolling waves of cicchetti rolled onto the counter in front of us.  luminous globes of castelvetrano olives and white truffle popcorn clouds ($1!) punctuated tides of less memorable dishes.  the drink menu, on the other hand, was hit after hit, all neatly organized with a table of contents that appealed to my ocd tendencies.  after an introductory round of drinks, a shaken baby jesus with scotch float arrived (a drink i have now affectionately coined the ‘smoking baby jesus’).  as the sunny afternoon turned into a sunsetted evening, we learned that the barkeep manning cicchetti’s helm of hooch also moonlights at vito’s, which is self-proclaimed as having “a history rich in cocktail culture, organized crime and east coast, family style italian food.”  perhaps seattle’s craft bartenders aren’t so much a secret society, but rather their own famiglia

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