back to the city of dirty birds, and the landing pad was set for top flr.  just months before, i was parked at sister restaurant the sound table, sipping on pimm’s flip with rosetta art that would put any barista to shame.  however, it’s not fair to compare siblings, so i walked into the door of top flr with an open mind and a thirsty gullet.  low and behold, it was nate, the same bartender responsible for my stylish sips at the sound table.  whoever said “the only person you should ever compete with is yourself” set the stage for the evening and first up was an italian stallion.  while a couple of drinks and a less than sharp memory contributed to my inability to recall said ingredients, i remember something a bit sweet, a little more sour, and dashed with fernet.  refreshing.  after one (or more?) of those, i was warmed up and ready for something new. my eyes darted around the liquor shelves and tucked behind other spirits was a majestic bottle of cardamaro.  contrary to popular belief, this wine-based amaro isn’t rooted in cardamom, but rather cardoon, a cousin of the artichoke.  a sweeter alternative to cynar, the cardamaro blended artfully with fernet, absinthe, and lillet rouge.  throw in a plate of house-made charcuterie for good measure and i was down for the count. losing never felt so good.

eye of the tiger