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nat sherman: a name synonymous with luxury cigarettes dating back to the days of 1920’s speakeasys and a more simple time.  hazlewood pays homage to the good ol’ days with their namesake drink, a concoction of whiskey, peppermint tea, and amaretto that’s sure to put hair on your chest.  but the buck doesn’t stop there; they’re gracious enough to serve it juxtaposed with a porcelain side dish containing a truffle and a nat sherman cigarette.  but enough about what everyone else was drinking; i asked for “something with fernet”.  what resulted was something like a sidecar, with cognac, fernet, and a mysterious orange-based italian liqueur called s’, which i have never seen before nor since. also on the menu was the falcon crest cocktail, heralding the first of many crème de violette-based drinks i’d see on libation lists in the upcoming weeks. after boozin’ it up at the bar, our group decided to take a field trip upstairs to the infamous hazlewood peephole.  i won’t give its’ secret away, but i will tell you that after trying to capture a photo of what was contained within, my cell phone immediately shut down and would not wake up for a day.  perhaps some things are better left unseen.

a sidecar of sorts