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georgetown is as close as seattle gets to carnie culture. the first time i spent time in this hood, i recall midnight pictures taken on oil drums, dead baby bike jousting in side alleys, and vintage pinball at georgetown liquor.  the quintessential formula for a punkrock bar, georgetown liquor’s got vegan fare, old skool video games (dr. mario 4-ever), and choking victim blaring on the jukebox.  devout meat-eaters may scoff at the lack of meat not specified in quotations (“meat”) on the menu, but at least there’s enough chips/salsa, hearty beer, and hard alcohol to silence the masses (in addition to being one of only two establishments on the strip offering fernet).  while i’d tend to steer away from the cocktails here, it’s always important to order appropriately for the given environment.  case in point: shot o’clock.  i gave our party the choice of shots on me: jameson or fernet.  and while there is no wrong answer, you will be paying for your own jameson.

shot o'clock