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after taking a little writing hiatus, i’ve decided that it’s high time i get back to where i started and continue my diatribes on life, love, and fernet.  the downside of taking such a break is the intermezzos of cocktails that blur memories of my scientific studies of said subject.  what do i remember about clever bottle?  i remember venturing once before into the pits of douchebag-land (aka belltown) to discover that the bar was closed for a private event.  i recall braving streets lined in popped collars to resurrect the adventure two months later.  i recollect an unremarkable experience of pink peppercorns floating in my champagne and a more pleasurable experience with a white whiskey orange blossom flip.  i am reminded of an unexpected health scare (independent of the clever bottle) that caused feelings of neglect and heralded what i now realize was the beginning of the end.  the rest is history that would unfold in the following weeks and fernet love entries.

cocktail coroner