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so here’s an anecdote that has nothing to do with spur, but just trust me.  many moons ago, i was sitting with my friends at norm’s for trivia night. never mind that the only question i’ve ever gotten right in all my times there was “flock of seagulls“, but there was this one time when a group of young lads walked in sporting what looked like their daddies’ suits.  one of the flock uninvitedly started talking to me about how he had just been to a whiskey tasting.  upon seeing my unimpressed reaction, he said, “i’m kind of a big deal…”  so where am i going with this diatribe?  people who think they’re a big deal are douchebags, and people who really are a big deal don’t think that they are.  the latter just about sums up david nelson, seattle bartender extraordinaire.  a local celebrity in his own right, he’s jumpstarted spur, tavern law, and now is breathing life back into il bistro, a regular lemuel gulliver of cocktail travels. and while mr. nelson may no longer be at spur, his legacy remains, including a bewitching concoction of jamaican rum, grapefruit, and st. germaine.  but while the drinks were pretty as a picture, the food must have been crafted in lilliput, with an avocado wrapped tartare that was artful and tasty, if only it lasted more than one bite.  small food does not however equal small prices, and our happy hour tab for four was far more fit for the land of brobdingnag.

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