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i know that at least one person on earth has been anticipating this post, and i hope it was well worth the wait.  so here goes…

vito’s is the type of place that, were my grandfather still alive, i’d proudly take him here.  never mind that our communication level was always questionable, but i do remember that every christmas, there was always a bottle of canadian club under the tree for him…and that’s the type of patron this bar was built for.  not to say that the rest of us can’t enjoy ourselves just as much here, but you’ll just never be as cool as my gramps.  justin and nabil, the barkeeps of note at this establishment, know what’s up and are as obliging as any, but with the skills (shaken baby jesus #7 was born here) to back up a great experience every time (well, at least the parts of the “magical evenings” that i remember…)  and another thing: when’s the last time you were offered an amaro tasting?  exactly.  but beyond all else, vito’s postcard says it all, which is absolutely nothing, because what happens at vito’s stays at vito’s.