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sometimes things are where you least expect them.  take a pizza mart for example, it’s around the corner from my office, sandwiched between a taco del mar and children’s hospital.  i’ve walked by there a million times and never thought twice about going. in fact, my exact thoughts were “who the hell goes in there??”  the tinted windows, tacky neon *cocktails* sign…all signs point to NO.  then one faithful day when all hell was breaking loose at work, i looked up at the clock and realized it was already 1:51 pm and i had meetings from 2 to eternity. i had a choice: pledge an oath of hunger or haul ass around the corner.  the safe pick would have been a taco of the sea, but having partaken the day before, it was time to diversify my lunchtime portfolio.  as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of a pizza mart, i was surprised to see that this pizza joint would only have one warming case with some sad orphan slices.  but who gives a fuck because my eyes automatically drawn to the fernet branca sitting on the shelf.  REALLY??? mental note taken. fast forward to a few weeks later when a co-worker needed to discuss the recent re-org but the only time he had available was after 5.  so…working after 5 translates to cocktail o’clock in my world.  between talks of story cards and sips of spirits, barkeep steven picked up on my recent trip south of the border and offered up a surprisingly substantial array of tequila.  did i mention that this girl <3’s impromptu tastings?  i’ll keep a pizza mart in my back pocket and my heart, somewhere you’d least expect it.

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