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so i can’t necessarily take credit for this genius idea, but i sure can covet it: laptop at the bar.  before you scoff, it’s not as crazy as you think…what’s so wrong about wanting a beautifully crafted cocktail while getting some “work” done?  sure, you might rebut “that’s what coffee shops are for”, but frankly, this isn’t 1994 anymore and coffee shops don’t quite offer the parade of potables that get my creative juices flowing.  so i first heard about sun liquor distillery via sun liquor (not the same, don’t it twisted).  located on opposite sides of the hill, sun liquor distillery was spawned from the original sun liquor for a new purpose, to be the first legal establishment in seattle to distill and serve its own liquor.  and while these two siblings share a namesake, the vibes are quite the opposite, not much unlike human kinsfolk.  sun liquor seems to be the older, more established brother that does his craft well and has mellowed out with age.  on the other hand, sun liquor distillery seems to be the younger, shinier kid brother, who’s more rambunctious (read: loud), out to prove something and always trying new things (even serving food!) but perhaps the most appealing trait of all is being able to pick up a wireless connection from kaladi brothers across the way.  the bartenders were obliging in letting me set up shop at the end of the bar and with a fernet/ginger and something-like-a-sidecar later, i was doing my part to help resurrect america into its rightful spot as world’s most productive nation.

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