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here’s the thing about fancy craft cocktail bartenders: when asked their favourite drink/watering hole, more often than not their reply involves some dive-as-fuck bar and a shot of whiskey with a beer back.  the same can be said of chefs and their favourite food; essentially it boils down to the fact that when you do something all day, the last thing you want when you punch out is something complicated.  simplicity and function win almost every time, and this is how i came upon the summit public house.  by recommendation of david nelson, he warned me multiple times that his preference was not my “type of place” but like a small child told not to do something, i immediately added it to the cocktail thursday list.  located on the same block as sun liquor, the summit public house is everything that my typical “type of place” isn’t: bartenders in t-shirts, [insert sport here] on the tele, that distinct smell of bleach cleanser and wet wood so customary of dives…this is not a place where you’d order a drink with any more than two ingredients.  but where david went wrong is this: i refuse to be boxed into a single paradigm.  and while i may not be defying gravity, i do find that everything isn’t black and white nor either or; take the summit’s power outlet situation for example.  while it may be on the ceiling and unpractical for modern applications, a fellow patron was able to make it work and charge her dangling iphone while watching stage 12 of le tour de france.  austerity can indeed lend itself to multiplicity, so maybe there’s hope for me and my “type of place” after all.

dive as fuck