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when i heard that restaurant magnate michael mina was planning to open a satellite restaurant in seattle, i was excited to say the least. after having a memorable experience at rn74 sf, i expected to be transported back to that feeling when i was a) really looking forward to the hype, and b) relieved that despite the hype, it didn’t suck after all.  my first introduction to rn74 seattle was through mention when discussing murray stenson‘s retirement from zig zag. word on the street was that murray left zig zag after getting an offer he couldn’t refuse from mr. mina, but that raised the question of “why would a big shot restaurateur want to take the focus off of his food at a wine-centric restaurant and rather share the limelight with a world-class craft cocktailer??”  after consulting a couple of industry cronies, we all came to the conclusion that it was “so no one else can have murray.”  however, things don’t always turn out as planned.  murray never made it there (everyone’s got their own conspiracy theory), but i figured the level of bartending there had to be at least half way decent to attract the likes of a local celebrity.  boy was i wrong.  so wrong.  as i walked up to the bar to meet my asians/amies, the corner of my eye caught the sparkle of glitter eye makeup on the bartender…WHAT???  don’t get me wrong, glitter has its place in the world alongside unicorns and strip joints, but not at a reputable place of business, and definitely not the bar of a james beard candidate.  immediately, my instinct was to bolt, but i resisted and calmly opened the menu.  that’s when i saw the “HE AIN’T HEAVY, HE’S MY BROTHER, a shot of fernet with a cock ‘n bull ginger back: an industry staple”.  now normally, i would jump for joy, but let’s think this through– WHY would you put a shot and back on a menu??  and then reveal it as an industry staple??  it’s like a kiss-and-tell, and all the sparkle in the world can’t hide that, no matter how good the offer sounds.

fish and chips and....curry??