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after a disappointing re-introduction to rn74, i was ready to make amends with my psyche and head down pike to il bistro.  now, if you know me, you also know that im a big fangirl (squee!) of david nelson and all that he’s doing for bars around seattle.  when i found out that il bistro had swiped him up from tavern law, i immediately sounded the alarm and gathered the troops for yet another cocktail thursday.  that night, i had the first of many, many+ delightful drinks, the most notable being the blood and sand: a refreshing scotch cocktail (or as i like to call it, “scotch light”). that was then, but what now? well, to put it simply, i practically live there.  what prompted the transition?  a couple of months back, i received the unfortunately news that naga, my suburban schooner of spirit water, was losing its helmsman evan martin to ba bar on the hill.  after having discovered the power of cocktails and wi-fi there, i needed to seek out a new safe house for my anti-social, alcohol-inspired authorship (aka “laptop at the bar“). and while il bistro may not have wi-fi, rules are made to be broken, and the power of david nelson’s barside manner along with the modern convenience of phone tethering can incite a flood of inspiration.  throw in little late night happy hour nosh and the flames keep burning bright ’til closing time.

life imitating art