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when summer ramps up in seattle (yes, there is summer here), outdoor patios are all the rage.  like cockroaches flocking to leftover meat, seattlelites fill up outdoor seating in restaurants and bars across the city.  such was the case on a balmy thursday afternoon, as the sun beat down upon our melanin-deprived limbs on the front patio of maria hines‘ newest culinary venture, golden beetle. while i usually never trust a girl bartender, maria has somehow managed to hire my exception to the rule, marley tomic-beard of bathtub gin fame.  with marley manning the bar, i felt at ease ordering a bartender’s choice (aka “i’m in your hands”) alongside muhammara (or rather four orders of it, but who’s counting…)  other happy hour highlights included braised goat tagine (beef is so 1994) and the chickpea stew (which may not sound sexy, but trust that i was licking the plate).  and as luck would have it, a real-life golden beetle flew in to join us, landing on my wine menu and pointing me to the rosé…ahhhh summer in the city.