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everyone that knows me knows that my favourite nosh spot in seatown is spinasse, home of the best homemade pasta you can get after the sun goes down (the sun’s still up, you say?  then head directly to mike easton’s il corvo).  however, what spinasse lacks in its cocktail menu, siamese sister venture artusi more than makes up for next door.  perusing the artusi menu, it’s hard to miss the heavy-handed application of amaros throughout their speciality cocktail list (not that there’s anything wrong with that). what did surprise me, though, was the caliber of dishes there as well.  while beets and tuna may sound like an odd pair, their baby beets with salsa tonnata was set on repeat at our table, and the promise of tripe with bone marrow and local black truffles set my hopes ablaze.  now maybe i’ve been spoiled little girl, but after great marrow experiences at st. john and holeman & finch, what showed up at artusi was less than upbeat, and most dismaying- it was sans bone.  i guess we can’t be good at everything, can we??

all amaros' parties: best name EVER