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never thought you’d see one of these posts again, eh?  well, nine months later on the day of our great nation’s independence, we celebrate by shoving hot dogs down our gullets and blowing shit up.  but what’s more american than brooklyn, the hotbed of nathan’s yearly july 4th hot dog eating contest?  my next stop in brooklyn was manhattan inn, a restaurant that moonlights as an art gallery and piano bar.  while i didn’t get to see the famous white baby grand piano in the back dining room, i did get to observe some local customs that i’d never seen before, like girls covering their drinks with coasters as they stepped out for a smoke/chat, and a colleague pouring out the table’s water bottle into a neighboring plant so that the waiter would visit us more often.  take note ladies, brooklyn wrote the female pick-up game, and there’s nothing more independent than that.

“are you a water baron, experimental jazz musician, or a pimp?