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for every yin, there is a yang, and so after a night of dive bar exposure, it is best to re-elevate one’s senses with a bourgie bite at the standard.   a leisurely stroll through the railroad tracks turned mile-long urban park/oasis of the high line led our parched throats to a refreshing drink at the standard grill.  we arrived at that weird time in between lunch and dinner, when one is confronted with the conundrum of what to eat.  luckily, cocktails are always fitting no matter what time of day, and our barman crafted a couple of porch-style drinks perfect for the people-watching that filled our afternoon.  as businessmen of questionable agendas mingled with women of certain purpose, we mindlessly munched on various appetizers like popcorn during a movie.  when it was time to finish our feature presentation, a stop at the restroom comme mausoleum revealed a strategically positioned photobooth (why doesn’t every establishment have one??) that yielded our paparazzi exit. 

pretty as a picnic